Becomes Client’s First Choice as a Photographer  & Videographer in Lembah Klang approaching 2021.


Miezipro Production Sdn Bhd s a company that excels in Photography and Videography services.

  1. Company operates with stables financial approaching January 2020.

  2. Company’s sale achieves the first RM1 million approaching December 2020.

  3. Company will have at least 20 staffs with great skills in 2020.


  1. Excellent Service : Miezipro will try to give an excellent service to all the clients. This service will started as soon as the future clients know Miezipro where every useful inputs will be given as their guide. Furthermore, clients will be given a continuous guide throughout the journey with Miezipro. 
  2. Good Quality of Product : Miezipro promises to produce good quality of photo/video. Miezipro will always try to fix and enhance the existing skills to a high level.
  3. Professional : Miezipro will always be fully responsible towards every things that have been entrusted by the clients. Miezipro will acts as a professional when carrying out the duty, thus when handling any possible problem arise.
  4. Client’s Satisfaction : Client’s satisfaction is a priority to Miezipro. We determined to give the best when carrying out the entrusted duty. Miezipro will try to make sure that clients will be on cloud nine after receiving the final products. 

We Care For Your Precious Moments